A Dancer's Life

Dance with Passion, Dance with Love, Dance with Me

Let me introduce to you ;) I'm Merel, 22 years old. I'm a student at a Dance Academy in the Netherlands, or actually a showmusicaldance academy. Together with 11 other girls in my class, I'm being trained as a dancer and musicaldancer/actor/singer. Next to the performertraining, I chose to do a double training/education, for dance teacher as well. We get lessons in popshowmusicaldance, musical theatre, musical repertoire, streetdance, jazzdance, tapdance and classical ballet. But next to the dancinglessons we have private singing lessons, choir lessons, ensemble lessons, acting lessons and of course a lot of theory. Next to the dancing at school I love to do ballroom and latin dancing. Of course there's more than dancing, singing and acting...I love to play the piano as well.